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Orange Pyramid offers a wide range of technology consulting services to the greater Central Pennsylvania area from computer training to server installations.

Some technology companies master a single platform and then fall into a complacency where they lose sight of the broad world of emerging technologies. Conversely, we embrace new trends, theories, and technologies and passes that knowledge on to its clients.

We offer a wide range of technology-consulting services from networking to server integration. Being knowledgeable in many areas of technology allows us to expertly integrate different facets to produce a cohesive environment comprised of multiple platforms, vendors, and protocols.

We realize that all clients are different and we will design a solution that best fits each client. For instance, some clients just want their network to function while others want to understand the in’s and out’s of how the network was configured. We allow the client to choose by offering extensive post-consultation training should the client so desire.


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  • Microsoft Windows Server installation, integration, troubleshooting
  • Microsoft Exchange Server installation and troubleshooting
  • Active Directory installation, configuration, auditing
  • Apple Mac OS X Server installation, integration, troubleshooting
  • Mobile-device management (MDM) for iPads, Android, and desktop computers
  • Software Training
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Network configuration (switches, routers, wireless, etc.)
  • Internet services (Internet connections, DNS, etc.)
  • Web services (web design, hosting, blog services, Google Apps, etc.)
  • Off-site, encrypted backups


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Hourly Rate: $80/hour ($40/hour for travel time)

Blocks of time

  • 10 Hours: $760
  • 20 Hours: $1440
  • 50 Hours: $3200


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E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (717) 814-9599